TIBRIX is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, with registration number 1962110.

At TIBRIX LIMITED ("TIBRIX") we listen to our customers and understand that different traders have different needs, some of them prefer quick execution while other traders prefer decentralization of order execution.

TIBRIX is offering 2 kinds of trading platforms, both with different matching engines.


An instant cryptocurrency exchange for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a fast and safe way with tight spreads, competitive rates and no additional fees. TIBRIX built a pricing algorithm that provides the platform with one of the best rates. Please feel free to compare our rates and note that our rates are based on “what you see is what you get” minus only the network (Miner) fee.


An advanced and user friendly decentralized ERC20 Smart Contracts trading platform based on Ethereum Blockchain technology where everything is transparent. No middlemen, no counterparty risks and no account opening needed for:

- Trading ERC20 Tokens

- Different agreements between users (pensions, insurances, Smart Contracts events ("Events") and others)

- Exchange of anything of value