TIBRIX is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, with registration number 1962110.

Due to possible change of regulations regarding cryptocurrencies and Tokens, TIBRIX might need to change, modify or amend the platform, Whitepaper, conditions or any other terms at any time without notice. In case operations need be stopped during the ICO, positions will be returned to the account holder.

The contents of this Whitepaper have not been reviewed by any regulatory authorities.

TIBRIX is keeping track of new cryptocurrency news, it will always try to comply with the latest regulations. We would take necessary measures to comply with the relevant requirements in the industry.

TIBRIX ICO solely means sponsorship in TIBRIX trading platform development. Any user ("User") who feels uncertain, has any doubts about any information contained in this Whitepaper or does not fully understand the risks of Tokens, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology should not participate in or acquire TBRX.

The acquirer of TBRX declares that the User has significant experience, knowledge or consulted an advisor about Blockchain systems, Blockchain security, cryptocurrencies, the cost, threats and risks related to the use of cryptocurrencies (hackers, new technology, new software and hardware systems, safe storage, regulatory uncertainty, possible losses and others).

This Whitepaper is not directed to any people in any jurisdiction where cryptocurrencies and Tokens are restricted or prohibited.

TIBRIX does not warrant the accuracy, usefulness or completeness of the information, statement, representation, expressed or implied in this Whitepaper and therefore disclaims any liabilities or responsibilities (including liability for negligence) for any loss, damage, which may result, whether directly or indirectly, from the supply or use of such information.

The User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless TIBRIX, its affiliates, its contractors, its licensors, their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys' fees, arising out of your use of the TIBRIX website ("Website"), including but not limited to your violation of this Agreement.

By sending any (Crypto or Fiat) currencies to TIBRIX, the User agrees that TIBRIX is not responsible for any kinds of errors related to this process or any kinds of errors related to the usage of any wallets.

By sending any (Crypto or Fiat) currencies to any Smart Contracts on the Website, the User agrees that TIBRIX is not responsible for any kinds of errors related to this process or any kinds of errors related to the usage of any wallets or any kinds of errors related to the usage of any Smart Contracts.

The User acknowledges, understands and agrees that ownership of TBRX does not grant the User the right to receive profits, income, or other payments or returns arising from the acquisition, holding, management or disposal of, the exercise of, the redemption of, or the expiry of, any rights, interests, titles or benefits in TIBRIX, or TIBRIX platform, or any other TIBRIX's properties or any part of it. TBRX is not a loan and is non-refundable.

The User is aware of the risks and any restrictions associated with Tokens, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, including but not limited to:

- Risk of losing access to Tokens due to technical issues

- Risks associated with the Ethereum platform protocol

- Risk of hacking and security weaknesses

- Risk of uninsured losses

- Risks associated with uncertain regulations and enforcement actions.


TBRX should not be deemed as a security (shares, debentures or interests in a collective investment scheme). In particular, TBRX:

- is not a debt or liability and is non-refundable;

- does not grant to the User any voting or ownership rights;

- does not grant to the User any profit and passive income from the ownership of TBRX;

- does not grant to the User any return on investment;

Therefore, TBRX is not a security. It is not registered with any government entities as a security and shall not be considered as such.