1. What is TIBRIX?
TIBRIX LIMITED ("TIBRIX") operates as a FinTech company. It is specialized in High-Frequency Trading (HFT), Blockchain technology and solutions.

2.What is TIBRIX mission?
TIBRIX mission is to create new, stable and scalable solutions by combining and integrating HFT principles with Blockchain technology.

3. Why are cryptocurrency platforms provided?
The current cryptocurrency market has a market size of more than USD 200 billion. TIBRIX will add value by setting new and suitable standards.

4. Where is TIBRIX based?
TIBRIX is based in the British Virgin Islands, support is located in Hong Kong (People's Republic of China).

5. How can I use TIBRIX platforms?
Please visit and click on our products. You will be automatically redirected to TIBRIX platforms.

6. What are the risks of trading cryptocurrencies?
Trading cryptocurrencies is very risky. You can lose all your money by (Exchange) hack, counterparty risks and volatility of the market prices of cryptocurrencies. Please consult an advisor and refer to the contents of Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

7. What are the fees on the platforms?
No fees1 (fees1 are included in the spread1 of 0.4%). No account opening needed and 50% discount on fees would be offered with TIBRIX Token ("TBRX").

Low transaction fees1 (0% Maker and 0.3% Taker). No account opening needed and 50% discount on fees would be offered with TBRX.

1fees and spread are subject to changes

8. Why is TIBRIX Tokens ("TBRX") offered?
TBRX could take full advantage of Blockchain technology and highlight TIBRIX platforms. TBRX can save us a lot of administration costs and banking fees.

9. Is there any profit sharing or ownership by acquiring TBRX?
No. TBRX can only be used for offsetting the fees of the system. You cannot get any profit sharing or ownership of TIBRIX.

10. Can I participate in the TBRX offering?
You are not allowed to participate in the TBRX offering if you are a citizen or resident of the United States, People's Republic of China, Iran, North Korea, Syria or any other countries in which our services would be illegal. It is your responsibility to research and investigate the laws applicable to your jurisdiction; however we reserve the right to make our own determinations on your eligibility to use our services.

11. Can US residents participate in the TBRX offering?
No. US government does not allow participation in coin offerings. We will block the coin offering details.

12. Can US residents use the TIBRIX platforms?
US residents can only use the TIBRETH platform.

13. What can I do with unused TBRX?
You can sell TBRX to other users. TBRX will also be listed on MANYCOINS and TIBRETH once the platform is live.

In addition, TIBRIX will use 50% of the yearly profits to buy back TBRX. Please refer to the Whitepaper for more details.