Bro 5 watch out for TIBRIX!

Source: TIBRIX

HK, September 9, 2018 at 09.00 UTC

The FOMO 3D gambling dapp is in its 2nd round, the first round was won by legend "Brother 5"

There are many good articles which explains how he got to win this 10,470 ETH[1]

Its technique looks like the ones which were used for "banging the close" in futures. In this

case overload the network, so no one gets to buy a new key.

When attack again?

More interesting is, can we predict when Bro 5 will attack again and tries to win the jackpot?

First of all the surprise element in its attack is gone. A lot of analyses has been done on

blocks 6191896-6191908

We think Bro 5 is very clever and a conservative player. He did not take much risk to win

the jackpot. Once time in the FOMO 3 game was ticking away in its favor and still no new keys

were bought, he accelerated and got more aggressive in defending its prize. He only got to

spent around 22 ETH for wining 10,469.66 ETH. Great return! 0xe08a519c03cb0aed0e04b33104112d65fa1d3a48cd3aeab65f047b2abce9d508

The 22 ETH he spent of course was just his final attack, most time, effort and costs must

have been the careful monitoring, planning and automating his strategy.

As the jackpot of round 2 FOMO 3D game already reached 6,785 ETH things get interesting.

Now we all know Bro 5 techniques, we can be sure that others will copy it.

Game theory for 2 players

Bro 5 is out there and probably monitoring the FOMO 3D game, realizing that others are

getting ready as well.

TIBRIX is also monitoring and planning to take this prey home. TIBRIX cost for developing

the smart contracts, which will use a lot of gas limit and automate the attack for sending

transactions with high gas prices in a specific time frame, cost around 10,000 USD (around 50 ETH)

Bro 5 sunk costs have been made, so no extra costs, when he attacks again, he only need to

cover its cost in the attack (Tx fee to take full blocks) In its first attack his threshold

(remaining time in the FOMO 3D game) was probably around 150 seconds, defending 11

blocks, not including its primary block which holds the winning key.

TIBRIX is a rational, conservative and risk neutral startup, who will strike when expected

(profit) outcome from this project is at least zero. TIBRIX assumes there will not be any

round 3, as players will lose fun and be aware of this opportunity. TIBRIX algo for taking a

block and using up the full 8,000,000 gas limit will increase gas price by 50% per block,

starting with a gas price of 125 Gwei in the first block.

So if TIBRIX wants to take up 11 blocks it need to spend around 171 ETH. With the 50 ETH

developing costs and probability of 30% to succeed, the expected payout:

-171 ETH -50 ETH + 0.3*6,785 ETH= 1814.5 ETH

Now we all, including Bro 5, can calculate when TIBRIX will strike!



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